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Read this and you will experience the Tokyo Sky Tree 100 times!

On this website, we introduce you to recommended tour locations and the route of tour in order for you to enjoy the sky tree 100 times more! It will be enjoyable if you read this before you visit to the Tokyo Sky Tree. We have created a site which you can print easily, featuring a collection of photos making this a convenient website for everyone.

The schedule of complete date

openspring of 2012
complete datewinter of 2011
started date14th of July in 2008
height636m (Planned)
purposereception tower and panoramic view tower
address1-13 1-13 Oshiage, Sumida Tokyo
Access, nearest station * Narihira station, (Tobu isezaki line)
* Oshiage station (Tokyo metro hanzomon line, Toei chikatetsu asakusa line, Keisei Oshiage line)


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