An image character for Sky tree

Do you know we have an image character for sky tree? In this page we introduce you cute and fluffy character for sky tree. The character has designed by Momoko Maruyama and Ryoutaro Kuwamoto who designed Biore mama, dekoboko friends, zenmai zamurai and so on.

Introducing the image characters

Now we will show you all the characters which are related to Sky tree.


Sorakara cyan

She is a girl who arrived from sky and standing on a tree.

  • name:sorakara cyan
  • from:tongari planet
  • features:When she finds something sparkling and happy, her head shines like stars
  • habit:“From here and there, I will go for it.’’
  • things she likes:hamming (She sings the songs which she remembers in Tokyo city.)
  • treasures:telescope which she got from her grandfather.
  • dreams:Meeting all new people from around the world at Tokyo sky tree.



She is a girl very fashionable and is always
Looking for something which are popular among people. She is like a sister for Sorakara as she met at first at Sky tree and she tells information about Tokyo.

  • name:Teppenpen
  • from:the far ocean
  • features:long eye lashes and a star on her head.
  • habit:“Ippen (once) Teppen(top) Ittemite=Try to go there!’’
  • thing she likes:newest thing, fashionable things.
  • treasures:a lots of high hills which she put on.
  • hobbies:She is learning languages around the world. (However, she can only speaks a little bit.)



He is the guy Sorakara cyanmet for the first time at sky tree. He is a dog like a dictionary in town. He is like a grandpa tells her everything to her.

  • name:Sukoburuburu
  • from:downtown
  • feautures:He is a old man but has cute star on his t-shirt
  • habit:“Today I am very energetic and feeling good!’’
  • things he likes:Going out with Sorakara cyan like a date but between grandpa and granddaughter
  • hobbies:Reading Haiku and thinking jokes
  • things good at it:He knows a lot of things about downtown culture from Edo era


Oshinari kun

Oshinari kun is Heisaimage character of shopping street around sky tree area which was created 31st of July in 2009. It is a image character created “Oshiage Narihira area development meeting group’’ mainly supported by five business shopping street group around there.
Name comes from Oshi from Oshiageモチand Nari from Narihirabashi. The model is Narihira Ariwara the poem writer from Heian era.

  • name:Oshinari
  • from:Oshiage. Narihira tel 608-6186 address: 2-15-6 Sumida , Narihira Tokyo
  • character:Very kind and modest
  • hobbies:read Waka(traditional Japanese poem.) , going out shopping street and play with cats
  • favorite food:Oinari, Dango, Shijimi