Recommended cruising

There are some other ways to look up a sky tree! There are buses, ships and helicopters which not only can see the deeper side of sky tree and have more knowledge but also provides you something different which you can’t normally see on foot, too. Now is the moment you can see the sky tree using a transportation which you won’t be able to see it when it’s completed.


Tour with a bus for sky tree < Hato bus> Best view driving sky tree

The bus leaves from Tokyo station and provides you an hour driving. Passing the Nihon bridge, just enter Asakusa street, you can see the famous Sensou temple Kaminari gate on your left. You can see a Sky tree from there. It is a open bus as you can see it easily.

  • price: 1500 yen
  • Tel 03-3761-1100(Hato bus booking centre)
  • address: 1-10-15 Marunouchi Chiyoda Tokyo
  • No holiday leaves at 9:30 11:30 13:30


Sumida river cruising by ship watching a Sky tree

This ship leaves from Asakusa and cruising along Sumida river. Passing 12 bridges on the river you will get to Odaiba. At last you can see離宮恩賜庭園=garden and will get to Hinodesanbashi=bridge. Also you can get off at Hamarikyu and you can enter the garden. It is recommended to people who want to enjoy the nice elegant atmosphere by cruising.

  • price: 760 yen ( Asakusa- Hinodesan bashi)
  • Tel 0120-977-311(Tokyo tourist cruisitng)
  • address: 1-1-1 Hanakawado, Taitouku Tokyo
  • 10:00~17:00 No holidays
  • Entry for Hamarikyuu: 300 yen over 65 years old: 150 yen

    * Under primary school children or secondary children who are living in Tokyo is free.


Instead of looking up at Sky tree

Instead of looking up at Sky tree, 浦you can look down at the tower from a helicopter! It leaves from Urayasu helicopter port it will take you to Maihama resort to Tokyo tower and some other famous Tokyo touristic places. You would imagine getting on a helicopter would be so expensive, however, it is not as expensive as you think.

  • price adult 12,000yen Sat, Sun, holidays 12,600yen(It depends on time)
  • Tel 047-380-5555(Excel air booking centre)
  • address: 14 Chidori , Urayasu city, Chiba
  • No holidays
  • time: 20 minutes