The issue of Sky tree and electromagnetic waves

More people are now worried about the effect of electromagnetic waves. Recently WHO organization has announced that it is possible that mobile phones have slight effect which may cause some cancers and it is because of electromagnetic wave.


Sky tree has two waves which are for broadcasting and the other one is for reception. (communication.) It is said that digital wave has 10 times worse damage to the brain as it has higher wavelength than analog broadcasting. Micro wave is the same wave of the “microwave’’ ,and it is said that it will cause brain tumor, infant leukemia, or high risk of cancer. That is why in fact there was a demonstration against the construction of sky tree.


However according to the public website, it says that sky tree provides waves which are safe enough wave strength as broadcast businesses licensed or permitted by the government. Tokyo sky tree’s construction will be continued by checking of wave length environment time to time and we will listen to the local’s opinions. Sumida mayor has the view that sky tree doesn’t affect out health badly as it is under the regulation of government. In the end, we don’t know about the facts of cause effects to our health. Many people would pay attention the issue of electromagnetic micro wave of sky tree from now on as well.