Sky tree and Fengshui (Fuusui)=which directions and whose colors brings you luck

Finally sky tree is completed and the tower itself comes to everyone’s mind. It is said bad things would happens if the sky tree was built. It’s very interesting to hear that story saying Tokyo’s “Ki’’=energy will be changed when sky tree is built.


As a rumor it was said that by building the sky tree it would destroy the world of Japan Kekkai By fengshui.
If you see the direction of sky tree, it is located north east from the imperial Palace which is Kimon, this doesn’t bring you a luck at all. This is the direction which enters negative energy. Tokyo tower is located south west from the imperial Palace. South west is called鬼門which is said that the line between sky tree and Tokyo tower destroys the world=Kekkai which was there already. As a rumor it is said that the Higashinihon Daishinsai=the earthquake 3.11 happened on the north east line, the radiation hot spot is on the line, and it is matched on the line of between Sky tree and Tokyo tower.


There are some other rumors that saying sky tree is on the power line of the line Ray line which is from Mt. Fuji to Kashima shrine in Ibaraki and so on.


They are just rumors, but it tells us how many people paying attention to sky tree!