The finishing process of sky tree

This is a main record of finishing process f sky tree.


In 2009


construction started 6th of April
the tower reached 100m height 7th of August
Reached 200m height 10th of November 21st to 26th of December
Put up Illuminations which were for constructions but for Christmas time.


In 2010


16th of February reached 300m height
29th of March , the tower reached 338 m higher than Tokyo tower with 333m and became the tallest building in Japan.
30th of July reached 400m height.
13th of October 10, 2011
Turned the LED lights for light movement testing between 18:30 to 21:10.
1st of December , reached 500m height.
18th of December, Digital broadcasting TV antenna was out on tower.
24th and 25th of December, Put the constructions lights on for Christmas time.
31st of December -1st of Jan 0:30 2011 Between new year’s eve to new year Put the constructions lights on.


In 2011


1st of March, 13:07 it reached 600m height.
12th of March , it reached 625m
* It was checked whether it got damaged or not by the earthquake 3.11 just in case. No damaged.
18th of March, 13:34 reached 634, the actual height which was originally planned.
Sky tree became higher and higher day by day, step by step.
Now is the time to look back the history of sky tower how it has been built.