Hotels where you can see the sky tree.

There are some hotels which you can see the Sky Tree and it is one of the attraction staying at these hotel. We will introduce you four hotels.


Rock city hotel

It was opened April in 2010. Sky tree is 1.5 km away to North from the hotel. You can see sky tree from the north window, can see Tokyo tower from west window, the room is called “Ryukusyu’’ , this room is highly recommended. You can see sky tree from the bathroom which is very attractive which other hotels don’t have this thing. There is another unique room called ‘’March of the Koala’’, too. They use chocolates not only for sweets but also for main dish as well. It is on the 1st floor. This café is also recommende. Also there is a blog on the website of the hotel staff as you can see lots of information about the area around the hotel so it might be worth it to check it out.


Tobu hotel levant Tokyo

This hotel is the closest hotel to sky tree. That is the most attractive thing of this hotel. 20 minutes walking will bring you to sky tree. Sky tree is located 1.4 km to North from the hotel. This hotel has a plan called definite promise booking plan which you can see sky tree from north rooms. The bar on the top floor , “ Sky norts’’ has also nice view.


Daiichi hotel Ryogoku

From hotel to sky tree is 10 minutes by bus. Sky tree is located 1.8 km north east from the hotel. The room which faces the Kiyomizu street is highly recommended as you can see the sky tree. There is a room for 6,340 yen which comes from the height 634m of sky tree. The restaurant “ Sakura’’ has a reasonable plan which provides private rooms to see sky tree and enjoy but this plan is only for weekdays.


Asakusa View Hotel

It is directly connected to Asakusa station on Tsukuba express and easy to access. Sky tree is located 1.8km from south south east from the hotel. There is a plan called definite promise plan for the rooms which you can see sky tree. You can enjoy the nice view with delicious food from the restaurant on 27th floor. There is a main course for dinner which is related to 634m of sky tree height.