A Fantastic illumination of Sky tree

13th of October in 2010, Sky tree had an illumination as a experiment of lights.
That day although the tower only had 51 lights settings which was originally planned to have 2000 lights settings and only turned on for 3 hours , there were many people who were interested in seeing the tower that tells us sky tree was already popular then.


The lights are used LED (Panasonic diode luminous).
Using LED for all lights of sky tree reduces 43 percent of the energy.


Hiroto Togaki designed a Sky tree. For the illuminations it is used blue as a pure and image of Sumida river and has another color which is purple represents the image of downtown in Edo town which used to be and the image is called “Miyabi’’, these lights are exchanged every day. In addition to the lights, the top of the tower has white lights as an image of Mt. Fuji.
You can see the tower which has illumination not only from close areas such as Asakusa but also from Shinjyuku and Odaiba.
It is very exciting to see illuminations at night time in Tokyo city from now on.


スカイツリー ライトアップ