Observatory of Sky tree

There are two observatories at sky tower, The first one and the second one.
There is room for 2000 people to fit in the first observatory and the second room for 900 people to fit there.
It only takes 50 seconds to go to the first observatory by an elevator the speed is 600m per minute, there are four elevators.
There are two elevators between the first and the second observatory and it takes 30 seconds to get to the second one, the speed is 240m per minute.
The first observatory has restaurants, cafes and shops.
If you stand on the main observatory floor, you can see the whole view of Tokyo.
The second observatory is surrounded by glass which you can walk and feels like you walk in the sky and also you can overlook the wide scenery of Kanto area.
There is another way to enjoy during fireworks season in summer.
It will be amazing to see Sumida fireworks from the observatory at Sky tree.
As it might be different from the angle you usually see the fireworks, from Sky tree you can enjoy from the same height where the fireworks … or you would see it from the top of the building and fireworks looks down from your place

There will be many people for fireworks season at Sky tree.