Sky tree photo shooting places(extra info 1)

We will introduce you an extra information to take a good photo using a “curve mirror’’.

A Curve mirror on the shopping street

There are some curve mirrors (which you can often see on streets.) on the shopping streets at the shops around sky tree. This is a way to take a photo of you and sky tree by yourself. It’s worth to try it if you were alone and nobody can take a photo for you so you should try it when you visit the shopping streets.


A mirror ojisan=old man

Next there is a famou person so called moving a curve mirror a “mirror old man’’. He has a bike has a mirror on it and you can take a photo of you and sky tree together. He always changed the mirror depends on the places of the sun. Let’s find a guy who has a mirror on his bike when you visit Sky tree.


  • morning: Keisei bridge
  • 12-14pm:Along Kita jyukken river and in front of the tower
  • 14-16pm : around Tobu bridge


Jyukken Bridge’s curve mirror

At last we will introduce you the curve mirror near Jyukken bridge along the Kita=north jyukken river. There is no path for pedestrians so pay attention to other people and cars during shooting. It is very artistic the photo which is taken from the curve mirror as it looks differently the one you normally take.


  • address: 52-1 Oshiage Sumidaku, Tokyo