Sky tree photo shooting places (extra info 2)

Now we will introduce you a sky tree second photo shooting places extra information “ a figure of a tree on the building glass.’’
The scenery from Azuma bridge which is on the Sumida river is a popular shooting spot which you can see all the buildings of a Sky tree, an Asahi beer company, and a Super dry hall company ( The object of golden fire) .


In fact, there is a secretそれphoto shooting spot which you can see as “A figure of a sky tree on the building glass’’. An Asahi beer company building has amber color of glass, and built as an image of beer with bubbles which the buildings looks gold. There is a brilliant sky tree which you can see in there!


Walk along the Sumida river to Asakusa direction after you across the Azuma bridge. If you look at the Asahi beer company from Sumida park Asakusa side near the Tobu line train bridge, You can see the glass wall which has a Sky tree on the building. It is called “ Golden Sky tee’’ or “ a mirror tree’’. Here is the place which you can enjoy both a real sky tree and a sky tree on the building so it is called “ double sky tree’’ as well.


Now the completed sky tree is too big to take a photo using from the building but how great it is if we could take a whole building photo from there!