The photo points to take good shots

There are many people who want to take a good shot of sky tree. In this page, we introduce you to the recommend places to take good shots.

Tobu bridge

Just besides sky tree there is a bridge called Tobu bridge, it is the most famous bridge and popular photos shots’ spot.
It is located west side from sky tree and you get off at Narihirabashi station at Tobu Isezaki line , turn left and you will see a small bridge. From this bridge it will be difficult to take a photo of whole sky tree, however, if you want to take a picture from here you can take a good shot from low angle. It is very narrow place so pay attention to others when you take photos.

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Keisei bridge

It is located the opposite side from Tobu bridge which is on the Kita jyukken river.
It is located to the east side from sky tree and it is quite close to Oshiage station on Tobu isezaki line.
It was very famous which you can look up the whole tower and good picture point, however, the tower becomes higher and higher now it is difficult to take a whole tower by camera. Keisei bridge is also busy bridge people passing by so pay attention to others and don’t stand there too long.

more Tobu bridge~Keisei bridge

Jyukken bridge

It is a famous bridge that you can take a photo the upside down of sky tree.
It is located 5 minutes away from Oshiage station and you can take a photo of upside down tower from on the river surface.
We recommend you to go there a day which is not too windy.
It has not too far and not too close distance so the whole picture looks very balanced.
It seems like because the bridge is slightly far from other bridges, there are less people. It is also small bridge and narrow so when it is hard to take photos you should go to the next bridge called Nishijyukkenn bridge. You can take similar photos.

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