50 questions about sky tree

On this page, we introduce you 50 questions about sky tree and answers.

50 questions

Q1.Is sky tree is the world largest tower?
A. It is the highest independence reception tower in the world. The world highest building is burj khalīfah.

Q2.What is the concept of the design?
A.It is designed as a big tree which looks towards the sky.

Q3.Is sky tree’s color white?
A.Originally the color is called sky tree white which is mixed with light blue.

Q4.How long does it take to go to observatory?
A.It will take 50 seconds to the first observatory by elevator and the second observatory will take 30 seconds from there by elevator.

Q5.Did you do anything special to build the world largest tower?
A.We researched wind speed on the top of the tower for windbreak, searched wind direction and researched so as to strengthen its constituency for earthquake, used special crane to build it and so on.

Q6.How do you go up to the construction place?
A.We have an elevator for construction.

Q7.What is the schedule of a day?
A.It starts from 8 in the morning until late afternoon.

Q8.How many people are doing construction for this project?
A.There are 500 people involved this project by average in a day.

Q9.Are construction workers staying at top of the tower all day?
A.Most workers go down during break time. Workers in the crane bring a lunch and stay in the crane all day!

Q10.Is Sky tower is strong enough for earthquakes?
A.We have put bolts 50 m underground of the building. We learned that Houryu temple’s gojyu tower has never destroyed by earthquakes before so we have concrete pillar in the centre of the tower. No problem!

Q11.Do you have any dramas or animations which has sky tree tower?
A.We have so many of them as we can’t count.

Q12.What is the economic result is since the tower has built?
A.There are 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 or 25,000,000 people who visit to sky tree in a year. Asakusa has 20,000,000 visitors, Tokyo tower was visited by 5,400,000 people for the first year which was built.

Q13.How long did it take to build?
A.It started 14th of July in 2008. It’s been 3 years and a half since it’s started.

Q14.How much did it cost?
A.Building cost was 40,000,000,000 yen and for total cost was 65,000,000,000 yen.

Q15.What is going to become of the Tokyo tower?
A.It will become smaller but will remain.

Q16.Is the sky tower the highest or the second?
Q17.Until when does it remain the second?
A.Until 2014 as there will be the tower 646m in China the building is the Heian International market centre. Sky tree would be fifth largest tower in the world after 10 years.

Q18.Is there going to be a higher tower in Japan than sky tree?
A.There was a plan to build a 1km tower in Nerima area but it didn’t come true.

Q19.Which company runs Sky tee?
A.Tokyo tower sky tree company runs it.

Q20.I want a sky tower close to me.
A. You can search it with the key word, “Tokyo sky tree bank 634’’.

Q21.When is it going to be finished building?
A.In winter in 2011.

Q22.How much is the entrance fee?
A.Not yet decided.

Q23.Where is the top floor which we can climb?
A.You can climb until the second observatory.

Q24.Why is sky tree is bending?
A.It is not bending. It designed at the result of Japanese construction techniques which contains “sori=curve’’ and “mukuri=swollen shapes’’ provides curvey lines, which looks like it is twisted or bending at the stage of the designing.

Q25.Is there anywhere to stay around sky tree?
A.You can stay at the hotel near there.

Q26.Is there anything inside of the building?
A.There are hotels, apartments and offices.

Q27.What is “Sorakara cyan’’?
A.It is a main image character of Sky tree.

Q28.What is “Oshinari kun’’?
A.It is a image character of the Sumida area.

Q29.Is there any parking?
A.There is parking, however, we strongly recommend you to come by public transportations as it is always very crowded.

Q30.Will there be any problems?
A.There will be some confusions in the receptions.

Q31.How can I access to Sky tree?
A.We recommend you to use trains. Please use Tobu line.

Q32.What sky tree is for?
A.According to the public website, If we build and use the new tower, it makes faster the speed of digital broadcast ,as this will decrease of reception block caused by higher buildings and the tower will influence on the expansion “One seg’’ digital broadcasting for mobile phones which started April in 2006.

Q33.What is weight of sky tree?
A.Just with reinforced concrete it is 30000 to 40000 tons!

Q34.Do we have to change the antenna?
A.No , You don’t have to change it. If you have a problems on the TV you have and so on please speak to electronic shops.

Q35.Are there any places which you can’t get receptions?
A.The tower will decrease block receptions. The main purpose is to expand the one seg area.

Q36.Isn’t it enough to have a satellite broadcasting?
A.It is already costing 100000000000 yen to build a satellite. Is would be just matter of the cost.

Q37.I think sky tree is uncool name, can’t we change it?
A.Please be patient. It’s already decided by vote. Imagine if it was called Tokyotenkuujyu=The big tree of Tokyo , doesn’t it sound more uncool?

Q38.I think Sky tower takes so much room!
A.There will be some other buildings such as education facilities, an aquarium, dorm theatre and so on.

Q39.How much is the sky tree?
A.Including sky tree building it is 143000000000 yen.

Q40.How high is 634m?
A.It will take 16 seconds if you drop something from the top to the bottom. It is the same height as the Mt. Yahiko in Niigata.

Q41.Where is the area which covers receptions by sky tree?
A.It covers Tokyo and other prefectures in Kanto.

Q42.I want to see sky tree now!!
A.You can see the completed sky tree in the tobu world square in Nikko , Tochigi prefecture. There is a sky tree model 1/25.

Q43.What is the upside down sky tree?
A.You can see sky tree which looks upside down on the river surface of Jyuuken river near the tower which is called upside down tree.Especially Jyuuken bridge has a good reputation that you can see it beautifully. However you can see it from other bridges, and we recommend you to go there when the wind is not strong.

Q44.Will there be the particular stations only for sky tree?
A.Nearest station to the tower “Tobu Isezaki line , Narihira station’’ would be chaged to the name “Tokyo sky tree station’’ in spring 2012, The station building itself will be changed soon.

Q45.Who is Ariwara Narihira?
A.He is one of lords in Heian era and also he is the main character of “Ise Story’’. Narihirabashi station named from his name and is the person who was taken the name out at the station from sky tree.

Q46.Why sky tree has three legs?
A.As the land is very small we needed to have the space for the tower which can stand stable. It was limited to have 60m diameter of circle because of roads around the tower, however, it made possible to build and expand one side could be 70m as the tower has three legs. It’s just an extra information, if the tower faces on the street to Yotsuya street, it will be an equilateral triangle and is the same shape as Sumida area’s symbol mark.

Q47.When does sky tree provide a reception for digital broadcast?
A.It will be starting from 2013. There will be wireless construction to the building by the opening of sky tree in 2011 and will be testing for one year from then.

Q48.What is DHC?
A.It is a area heating and air-conditioner system using from underground heating which is used by sky tree. Underground has less alteration compare to ground(mostly around 15 degrease, it’s cold in summer and warm in winter.) so we can use the heat from underground to reduce the consuming energy in winter, in summer we can exhaust the heat underground.

Q49.What is Gein tower?
A.It is top of the tower which mainly has an antenna for broadcasting. In general it is called gein tower(the antenna) the pillar to put the antenna for the broadcasting and it’s not only for sky tree but also other towers have one and it is called by that name.

Q50.What is Tokyo sorimachi?
A.They are conducted by Tobu town sorimachi company which owns 300 shops.