The Sky Tree looks like it`s leaning!!

Have you ever thought as you gaze at the tower “The Sky Tree looks as if it`s leaning?’’. And when you see the tower from below it mysteriously looks like it rises up towards the sky with a twisted form. How can this be?


It seems like The Sky Tree itself has a secret structure. It has an equilateral triangular section, but it changes to a round curved shape as it ascends further upwards. It has differently shaped sections, the bottom, middle and the top of the tower. The first pillar is a lengthy recurve towards the sky which is followed by a swelling which opens gradually, extending to a wide circumference to create the uniquely shaped “ Sky tree.’’ As a result The Sky Tree has a wealth of different shapes, curves, turns and twists, which change accord to where you view it from.


You can experience some of the marvelous illusions of the human eye by gazing at The Sky Tree. It may also be interesting to look at The Sky Tree with questions such as “Does it look straight?’’ “Which way does it curve when I look from this side?’’ It might be worth paying extra attention when looking to the Sky Tree.