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we introduce the tour routes encompassing Tokyo Sky Tree.

Asakusa tour

Asakusa is a famous city from the Edo era known as a “City of masses of People, things and money’’ and so it is a friendly lively town which draws many foreign visitors every year. People who visit this city feel the new change and tradition of Asakusa as this city still remains a popular tourist destination. The clutter and masses of people ensure that imagining the city being empty is not possible and you will have the opportunity to take a memorable photo with sky tower in the background. Now let us introduce to the joys of Asakusa city!


First, “Kaminari mon=gate’’ “ Fuuraijinmon’’ which has a big lantern and it is known as a landmark of Asakusa.This was donated by Matsushita Yukinosuke who is the well known founder of the Panasonic company. It has 3.9 m height, 3.3m in Diameter and weighs 700 kg! Not only the size, but the sheer weight of 700kg is very surprising indeed! By the way the a stamp of a dragon is featured at the bottom of Kaminari gate, which is the symbol of rain. This is a special and interesting place to take a photograph. It may also be interesting experience to ride on the “Jinrikisya= man power car.’’


Here you will also find nakamise日street which is 260 m long finishing when you arrive at Sensou ji=temple and go through the Kaminari gate. It is one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan, There are about 90 shops selling souvenirs, cafes and traditional Japanese handiwork shops. You should visit all shops as each shop has a unique history.


Sensou ji=temple is located further up the street if you keep walking. Sensouji is the oldest temple in Tokyo which was built in 628. It enshrines the statue of the Saint. whose statue was pulled up from Sumida river. Unfortunately it is a hidden Buddha so you can’t see it and pray to it directly. There is another famous spot called Gojyu no tou= The Five Story Pagoda at Sensouji. It is the best landmark of sensouji as the tower reaches a height of 48.3m. Gojyunotou has lights visable until 23:00 so you can see a different side of it after sunset. Don’t forget to take a photo around Gojyunotou as you can take a photo both Houzoumon of the Sky tree and the Pagoda at the same time.


Well you should go around to the next station to Tawaramachi station rather than going back to the Asakusa stationt to continue the tour. If you walk through the main building to the east you will get to Hanayashiki street. This is the oldest amusement park in Japan called “ Asakusa hana yashiki’’. It is a good price for the entre fee, 900 yen for adults, child 4 years old and up is 400 yen and if your child is under 4 years old the child can enter free and has various kind of events and campaigns that you will enjoy a whole day without being bored.


On the rest of the tour you will get to Kokusai street, Kappa hashimoto street, Shinbori street and these streets will take you to the Kappabashidougu city. These streets are the best shopping streets which sell dishes for cooking and kitchen utensils. There are some shops which are visited by professional chefs and you can get certain items for relatively cheap prices. You can enjoy just looking at them without buying too. At last if you go around Higashihongan ji=temple that is the end of the tour of Asakusa. It is highly recommended to follow this route for people who visit Asakusa for the first time. Of course, Asakusa has more sightseeing points so if you want to explore more, then walk more and discover other areas of Asakusa!