Sky tree and Ukiyoe (Japanese print)

It is said that that Sky tree was described in Ukiyoe= Japanese print in Edo era already and it is such a mysterious topic. It is said that Utagawa Kokufusa, the Ukiyoe artist pictured sky tree in Tobu Mitsumata no Sono. Also surprisingly and geographically the location that tree in the picture is almost at the same place in the actual place! This picture is the Ukiyoe which was drew around Eitaibashi in Koutou area (where sky tree is located now.) You can see two slender buildings on the left and it is across the river the area of Edo and Fukagawa.




The picture the view of Sumida river tells us that it is impossible to think about how high the tower is in that time! On the left it is fire watchtower, which was existed that time and the tower on the right which you have to build up is considered as a well-water watchtower, However, there are no watchtowers like that at that time.


It is a deep mystery and nobody knows why the tower which looks like a sky tree is the artists prediction about the sky tree 180 years later, if it was an actual tower, or it was just an imaginary creation in the picture. This is such an exciting and romantic story isn’t it?