Useful information for the Sky Tree 1

There are more and more people who want to look up sky tree as it is completed. The house of Oshinari kun has opened since Heisei 21 nen,30th of August to provide more tourist information around Sumida area. This opened for tourists and for the base of community of the area. It is now run by “ local five shouten kai’’ as a tourist information centre and a rest area supported by“Sumida area volunteers’’ and “Sumida area city government’’. It is 3 minutes walk from Oshiage station and it is on Asakusa street ,the building has a wooden sign. Although it is small there are leaflets and an area where you can eat and drink. It is also nice that you can buy goods from Oshinari. Tea, water is free, Coffee, black tea, juice are 300 yen, you can buy a can of beer for 400 yen, too. It will be nice to have a cup of tea and to get some information when you visit there.


What is “ Oshinari’’?

It is a PR body to promote “OSHIage and NARI hira area’’ around the Sky Tree area. The name comes from the OSHI of Oshiage and NARI of narihira. It is designed after a poet of the Heian era whose name is Nariwara which influenced the name of Narihira bridge, and the hat which Oshinari wears is a Heian era hat “Karasu boushi’’ reflecting the image of the tower. He liked Oinari, Dango and Narihira Shijimi. (all Japanese food.)


Data of Oshinari house

  • Address: 2-15-6 Narihira, Sumida, Tokyo
  • phone:03-6751-9811
  • entrée fee:free
  • open-close:10:30~17:00
  • regular holiday:Tuesdays
  • Access:Toei Asakusa line, Hanzomou line, Oshiage station 3 minutes walk from the station.









  • 住所:東京都墨田区業平2-15-6
  • 電話番号:03-6751-9811
  • 入場料:なし
  • 営業時間:10:30~17:00
  • 定休日:火曜日
  • アクセス:都営浅草線・東京メトロ半蔵門線『押上』駅より徒歩3分