Useful information of sky tree

Sky tree has prepared for your visit, for public tours and some photos spots for you.


Watching area

It is held on the rail of the train. It is very impressive to look up the sky tree from there. You can take photos using a tripod. This will be a good spot to take a rest as there are benches and vending machines. Why don’t you take a photo with ‘’the memorable photo machine’’, unique to this location.(the cost: 700 yen)

It will be closed in march 2012.


Data of Watching area

  • Access:2 minutes walk from Narihira station (Tobu Isezaki line) A3 exit Oshiage station walk for 4 minutes.
  • Available time : Anytime except train maintenance time.


Shooting area

Shooting area is beside the railroad crossing. You might be able to take a photo of the combination of the train and the sky tree. Of course, it is possible to take a photo using a tripod, too. There is a shooting stand set to allow taking photos from better angles. There is a public toilet too.

It might be closed down due to construction situations in the future.


data of the shooting spot

  • Access:B3 exit walk 1 minute from the Oshiage station (Tobu isezaki line, Tokyo metro Hanzomo line, Keisei Oshiage line, Toei Asakusa line) 2 minutes walk from the exit A3